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About Us
The factory for pasta products VAS - Gabrovo was established in 1997. Nowadays, it is among the largest pasta manufacturers and homemade noodles. Its high quality, healthy and irresistibly delicious products under the brand "Etar" and "Gabrovo" are known to the Bulgarian, European and Asian markets.
In the beginning of 2014, the company put into operation a new automated line for the production of macaroni, vermicelli, couscous, fettuccine, tagliatelle, noodles, rolled vermicelli with excellent quality.
The many years’ experience of specialists of the company have allowed putting into production a line of dietary macaroni and noodles - with fibers, with oat flakes, whole-grain ones, with flax flour, rye ones, which have won a gold medal at the International Fair in Plovdiv.
The factory for pasta products VAS is the only producer of Gabrovo Hard-baked Noodles and Hard-baked Macaroni, as well as of unique products such as hand-rolled filo pastry sheets - baked, powdered ready-to-cook food - soda bread, pizza crust, fritters, pancakes, mekitsas, donuts and katmi, bread crumbs.
Together with German technologists from SES Foundation, a wide range of delicious dessert creams –pudding, bearing the name "Gabrovo", were developed and marketed.
The strict control of incoming raw materials, technological process and automation of the production cycle from raw materials to packaging of finished products guarantee a high quality of our products.
In response to the growing demands of its clients and European demands, the company developed and implemented a critical control point system HACCP and was certified under ISO22000: 2005 and OHSAS18001:2007.


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